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A Case of Meralgia Paresthetica

Gwyn writes to describe a classic case of Meralgia Paresthetica, only this time the story has a happy ending:

Hello Dr. Godfree,

Thank you for writing a very informative book.  My journey has lasted for over 3 years.  The things that have held up a conclusive answer to my pain is that the pain moves around. It took 1 year to take the focus away from my left hip.
I was in an accident and broke my pelvis.  When the crutches went away and walking began, I was having a cold feeling of pain on the outer part of my left thigh. Yes, the fracture was toward that side.  My description of it was that it felt cold.  Also, I felt that my ‘invisible’ underwear were too tight around the leg.  The hip pain is very bad and includes a side ache up into my left ribs.  The leg pain was so incidental to the hip pain that it was overlooked. Also, There was pain around the ankle and pins and needles on the sole of my foot.  As you wrote, gabapentin has helped that very well.
Now three years into this, one morning, I searched again on-line for answers. I couldn’t believe what I found. This lead me to your book which I purchased right away.
My thigh pain is still cold for me and the hyper-sensitivity is on the front of the leg.  I used a hot water bottle on my hip for nearly a year nightly.  To be comfortable I lay down flat on my back with my knees draped over a pillow wedge.  Always with a covering on the hip and thigh because of the cold.
I was very close to having an operation on my spine to separate a couple of discs.  Thankfully, with the help of your book and the knowledge and back-up it has given me I hope to resolve this soon without back surgery.  I have been on heavy narcotics this entire time, the pain has worsened, along with the drug in-take.
I hope this will be of some service to you.  I can’t tell you how elated I am that this may be the answer I have been looking for.
sincerely,  gwyn

Gwyn’s case of Meralgia Paresthetica is not unique. What is encouraging is her ability to overcome it. Meralgia can be discouraging, so this case will provide motivation to overcome it.


Thigh Pain and Meralgia Paresthetica and You

Thigh Pain and Meralgia Paresthetica and You

I wrote Thigh Pain, Meralgia Paresthetica, and You after contracting meralgia paresthetica a year ago when I crushed my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve while

Thigh Thigh Pain and Meralgia Paresthetica and You

Meralgia Paresthetica, thigh pain, and you

overdoing a difficult yoga pose. The nerve runs through your groin to your outer thigh and damaging it causes tingling and numbness there – along with excuciating PAIN. Lots of pain. In most cases the pain subsides in 6 weeks or so but, in my case and in millions of others, it persists for years. Since there are 3 million new cases of meralgia each year it’s useful to know what it looks like and what to do when it strikes you or someone you know. The pain tends to move around and can show up anywhere from your lower back and buttock through your thigh down to your knee. It’s usually confined to one leg and the common factor is the burning, tingling, numb thigh.

It’s most commonly associate with pregnancy, surgery, obesity, and tight clothes – and sometimes all of the above! Fatter tummies, ight belts and skinny jeans have created something of an epidemic of meralgia in the last three years.

The pain can come on quickly and be acute and crippling, or it can creep up over weeks until its nagging saps  energy. Either way, it impacts your quality of life and demands your attention. Fortunately there’s plenty you can do to ease the pain, shorten the duration of the attack, and prevent a recurrence. The immediate action is to take a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory. In case your physician is unfamiliar with meralgia – a common problem – I recommend the generic forms of gabapentin and neofenac. They’re cheap, safe, and gabapentin even has a pleasant side-effect that medicos call “GABA euphoria”: a pharmaceutical “high”. Let me tell you, after suffering meralgia pain for even 24 hours you’ll be grateful for a little euphoria!

Now that you’ve got the pain under control and can think clearly, do a quick check of possible factors that might have caused your attack. There are over 100 possoble causes but the factors I’ve mentioned are responsible for 80% of cases (you’ll find a more complete list on the ‘Curing Meralgia Paresethetica’ website).  Having zeroed in on possible causes, look at what lifestyle changes you can make so that, at the very least, you stop making things worse.

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