Healing from Meralgia Paresthetica

How Should You Feel When Healing from Meralgia Paresthetica?

Here’s some gentle advice about how you can expect to feel when you’re healing from a bout of meralgia paresthetica:


Here’s the transcript:

Meralgia Paresthetica is caused by compression of a nerve that usually causes patients with it to feel numbness or tingling, diminished sensation or burning in the inner thigh. There’s a couple of different things that can cause it or contribute to it, but most commonly its obesity and if a patient who is diagnosed with it is able to lose weight, usually the symptoms subside and the patient feels better.

You mentioned that you have been able to lose weight and you have noticed a big difference in how you feel but you’re wondering about healing time. Specifically your question was you hadn’t been able to find much on that aspect of it, how does it feel when you are getting better, and does the compromised nerve need time to get stronger?

I read some literature on it and I haven’t found specific answers to your question, so I recommend contacting a doctor who originally diagnosed you with it and ask them what they think. The literature does say that it’s usually self-limiting, it’s benign, meaning it usually doesn’t have long-term effects, but there are severe cases that actually need intervention for it to go away totally. And if it continues to be a persistent problem, especially 2-3 months after you’ve lost weight, then you should talk to a doctor because there are different pain options that are available if it’s affecting your ability to function on a daily basis.

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