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Meralgia and Inversion Tables

Meralgia and Inversion Tables: Can Inversion Tables Help?

Inversion tables are designed to decompress our joints so, since meralgia paresthetica is often caused by a compressed lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN), it may be worth trying inversion. But don’t rush out and buy a table yet. Read the rest of this post and watch all the videos before you spend hundreds of dollars. First, here’s a video about the potential benefits of inversion tables.

Want to try it? Learn how to use the inversion table correctly:

If you don’t know anyone with an inversion table you can try or borrow, I recommend this one, the Innova ITM 4800 for several reasons:

  1. It allows you to control your angle of inclination easily. Most inversion tables don’t, which means you’re either upright or upside down!
  2. It allows you to warm your lower back muscles before you invert. Warmth relaxes them and relaxation allows the joints to separate more easily.
  3. It allows you to massage your lower back. A feature you might enjoy.
  4. It’s sturdy.
  5. It’s the best combination of price, quality and features I’ve found.

Before you go, though, watch one more video about the downside of inversion tables – just to be sure you’re making an informed choice and know how to avoid stressing your muscles:

Finally, if you’re getting good results from inversion, consider combining it with medical marijuana. It’s a natural analgesic and also an anti-inflammatory. Read more about marijuana and meralgia in this post.


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