Meralgia and Tight Clothes

A Short Video About Meralgia and Tight Clothes

Female: Well it’s been a top fashion fade for the last few years, but could wearing those trendy skinny jeans land you in your doctor’s office?

Male: Yeah it’s a concern that one of the major reasons why I personally don’t wear skinny jeans. ABC’s Rachel Smith who’s been known to doan a pair once in a while, she’s been looking into whether hot pants can make you a hot mess, Rachel good morning.

Rachel: I know, good morning you guys. Maybe feeling like a hot mess is more like it. It’s probably fair to say that many of us have been a victim of fashion at some point in our life. Yet, some people are wearing these jeans everywhere. Skin tight, painted on and yes they look great, but what if that trend pinches more than your wallet and crushes more than your ego?

Rachel: Will Farrell may have mocked them on Jimmy Fallon, but everyone is still shimmying into them. The first family, Taylor Swift, even her new beau Harry Stiles, all styling it in skinny. But doctors warn that this fashion do, may pose some troubling health don’ts. According to the medical community, those tight pants can squeeze more than your silhouette, temporarily pinching the nerves in your hips causing something call meralgia parasethetica.

Female: It’s a disorder that occurs when one of the nerves that runs in the outer part of the thigh gets compressed and pressure on it causes symptoms of tingling, numbness and pain.

Rachel: Other possible health hazards, abdominal pain, heart burn, even blood clots. But most fashionistas outside our New York studios were willing to take the risk.

Will, circulation problems, potential health risks, stop you from wearing this trend?

Female: No, it just looks too good.

Rachel: If you’re going to sport the skinny, doctors say best bet, go stretchy and give your body a little room to breathe. Another tip, ditch the heels. They only increase circulation problems.

Female: Because the pelvis tilts on, it can further accentuate the pressure that’s caused.

Rachel: As the tight trend continues to squeeze society, one leg at a time.

Just remember to wear them responsibly.

Well, that video is something, right? But all jokes aside, these risks will continue as long as the style is trending. Now if you have to do a lunge, a squat or perhaps an awkward stretch to get into those tight pants, chances are, you should probably toss them right back into the closet.

Female: You mean that’s not normal protocol?

Rachel: But you know we’re all guilty of it. Pull them out of the washer and done the lunge, done the squat.

Female: Those are good tips, stretching and make sure you get some that fit.

Rachel: Absolutely.

Female: Then you don’t have to give up the idea of wearing skinny jeans.

Male: Yeah, I tuned out that entire conversation.

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