What helps Meralgia?

Meralgia and Yoga

Why Meralgia and Yoga Go Together

When we surveyed our 700+ subscribers we were amazed to find that they voted yoga #1 for granting relief from meralgia paresthetica symptoms. Why? Read on…

Meralgia symptoms are caused by a compression (and damage) to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN). I damaged mine – paradoxically – doing a yoga pose called Marichasana B. I was 72 and had lost a lot of weight during a long, tropical summer so my normal subcutaneous fat layer had melted away and was not deep enough to protect the nerve from compression  The lovely woman is doing the pose correctly but I crushed my LFCN when I bent forward to touch my forehead to my toe.

The further forward I bent, the deeper the blade (outer edge) of my foot dug into my inner thigh until, eventually –you guessed it – it hit my LFCN and crushed it. I paid for that mistake with months in bed and years of rehab. And my rehab consisted mostly of – you saw this coming! – yoga!

So let’s look at a simple sequence that starts to decompress the lumbar spine. Why start at the lumbar spine? Because that’s where the LFCN exits the spinal column and that’s where some people have damaged LFCNs. This is a series called The Decompression Project and it’s developer, Ruthie Fraser, provides a series of videos that are an ideal way to begin to…graaaadually…take pressure off your lumbar, hip and thigh regions. Here’s the first of Ruthie’s series:

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