Meralgia Paresthetica Natural Treatments

Meralgia Paresthetica Natural Treatments to Help You

1. Icing

Experiment with icing T12/L1, and also with icing your inguinal region: Wrap some crushed ice in a thick hand towel and apply it gently and repeatedly to your spine. You can also try icing the area where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve comes close to your skin as it exits from behind the inguinal ligament.

2. Heating
A hot, moist towel applied to the T12/L1 region and the inguinal region: apply it gently and repeatedly to your spine. You can also apply it to your inguinal region and to the painful area of your hip, thigh, or leg.

3. Epsom Salts Bath20120112-144141.jpg
Epsom salts is a common mineral salt called magnesium sulfate. When magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, is a natural emollient, exfoliator, and much more. Take an Epsom Salt bath with a follow-through of icing the T12/L1: Soak in a tub of warm water with 2 cups of Epsom salt.

Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers, plants belonging to the genus Capsicum. It is an irritant for mammals, including humans, and can produce a sensation of burning when applied to the skin. But, when applied topically (to your skin) it, for reasons still unknown, RELIEVES PAIN. Yay!20120112-144220.jpg

But first, a few warnings: Before using capsaicin, tell your doctor about:

  • broken skin
  • skin irritation
  • previous allergic reactions to capsaicin, hot peppers
  • breastfeeding
  • pregnancy or current attempts to become pregnant

Buy a tube of capsaicin cream over the counter and follow the directions by rubbing a small amount into your skin where the nerve exits below the inguinal ligament, and at the T12/L1 joint area. Keep a soapy wash cloth handy in case you’re supersensitive. Otherwise, in 5 minutes you’ll start feeling relief which will last up to 4 hours. If your relief is not sufficient try a stronger concentration cream. You won’t develop a tolerance to it, so you can use it night and day.

Carry a tube of capsaicin cream with you everywhere and apply it when your pain reminds you to. When puzzled friends see you frantically fumbling in your crotch, just say brightly, “I’m applying capsaicin to my inguinal region” and they’ll never ask again.


20120112-144337.jpgFind a Chinese acupuncturist–they usually have offices in Chinese herb shops–show him these pages and describe your symptoms. Acupuncture can provide remarkable relief and should b included in everyone’s regimen. Ignore the fearful nonsense about acupuncture being painful, etc. The little pinpricks are nothing compared to what you’re suffering! In fact, they’ll probably feel good because they immediately move your energy. Ask your TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner if there is a herbal prescription that might help. Chinese herbs are inexpensive and very effective.

Pain Management
There are pain management clinics in every major city. Before you spend the money, consider learning some pain management tricks yourself. An excellent textbook is Bonica’s Management of Pain [Hardcover]. Buy a used copy at Amazon ($20) and educate yourself.

Weight Loss
If you’re over your optimum weight then change your diet and eating habits and get regular exercise. And any extra weight complicates and delays your recovery. The quickest, easiest, safest way to shed pounds is a juice fast: fresh, organic, raw fruit and vegetable juices for 30 days. If you don’t one a juicer and can’t borrow one, buy a Panasonic centrifugal juicer. Quick and, most important, EASY TO CLEN–the secret to successful juicing!.

Massage from a knowledgeable masseuse can be remarkably effective. Before your session take time to show them the anatomy illustration above, talk about the T12/L1 junction, and discuss your symptoms. A qualified Thai masseuse can do wonders to relieve your symptoms!

Walking up Stairs
Avoid walking as much as possible. Above all, don’t make the mistake I did: you’re feeling pretty good. All the things you’ve been doing are paying off: you feel no pain! So you climb the stairs like a normal person, taking great delight in being able to push off the stairs with your bad leg. Big mistake. That night will be agonizing, possibly the worst night since your symptoms started. For some reason, pushing off like that, and lifting your whole body weight by extending the ball of your foot exacerbates the problem. Be warned!

And, Finally
If you have any tips to help relieve the symptoms of meralgia paraesthetica, please email me and I will add them to the list. Between us, we can do a great deal to help others sufferers–and ourselves!

You can download Curing Meralgia Paresthetica here.

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Article reviewed by Nancy Jacoby Last updated on: Jun 14, 2011

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