Meralgia Post-Surgery Video

Here’s a Meralgia Post-Surgery Video

The last resort for meralgia sufferers is usually surgery (which is pretty thoroughly discussed in Curing Meralgia Paresthetica) so here’s a conversation between a surgeon and patient after the surgery:

Dr. Williams: We are now approximately 6 months from a removal of the left lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. And the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve effects the outside of the thigh here. Can you tell me what kind of pain you are having prior to this operation?

Male: It’s almost impossible to tell you how severe the pain was. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Dr. Williams: And what was the cause of that pain, do you remember?

Male: My belief is it got damaged during surgery when they replaced my left hip.

Dr. Williams: Okay.

Male: And the doctor never admitted to that, but it doesn’t matter, I just had to get the pain. And to be honest, Dr. Williams, I’ve told you this several times, if it weren’t for you, I don’t think I’d be alive today. I couldn’t take the pain.

Dr. Williams: Okay, so your pain was pretty bad?

Male: The worst I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

Dr. Williams: And give me an example. Were you able to wear pants or touch your leg or anything.

Male: No it was like my leg, like somebody poured lighter fluid on my leg and light it. It was like intense heat.

Dr. Williams: Okay.

Male: And I couldn’t even put a wet washcloth on it for any length of time because the weight of the washcloth hurt the nerves and I would take the washcloth off and the pain would come back. There was no hope. There was nothing.

Dr. Williams: Okay.

Male: Until I really came to see you.

Dr. Williams: And 6 months ago we removed that nerve and what differences did you notice?

Male: When I came out of anesthesia, after you removed that nerve, I could tell that the pain was gone. There were still some residual effects that have been aggravated but it was immediate.

Dr. Williams: And compared to before surgery, what level of pain do you have now?

Male: Zero.

Dr. Williams: Zero pain?

Male: It’s unbelievable.

Dr. Williams: And we do remove a nerve, so do you have a lot of numbness in your leg or was it already numb before surgery too?

Male: No, I don’t have as much as numbness as you told me I would have.

Dr. Williams: Okay.

Male: I don’t know, I still feel pressure fine. Heat and cold to some degree. It doesn’t bother me at all.

Dr. Williams: Very good.

Male: So it’s better than I anticipated.

Dr. Williams: Alright, very well, thank you so much.
Male: Thank you.

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