Meralgia Duration?

Meralgia Survey Results

Meralgia Survey Results Are In

Some Surprises in this Year’s Survey of 723 Meralgia Sufferers:

Most of us are semi-chronic sufferers! That’s why we buy books about meralgia, I guess. No wonder meralgia is so hard to diagnose and treat! Causes, duration and treatment are all over the map. Below are the results, along with the always-interesting comments.

A big thanks to everyone who participated, all 723 of you. If that sounds like a lot, remember that there are 3,000,000 new meralgia cases each year. So we’ve only begin to scratch the surface.

These results will also be published in yoga and acupuncture journals, to help practitioners recognize meralgia sufferers and help them more effectively. Here’s a ¬†representative sample of your¬†comments:
* It is not constant. I get it several times a day. It started 11 years ago.
* I still have it
* Ongoing throughout my pregnancy
* 10 months
* The pain is still chronic but not acute.
* Symptoms slowly disappeared
* Treated the core issue, disc compression of LFCN.
* Have had intermittent attacks throughout my adult life. They last as long as a year or more. I just live with it.
* I had one attack that lasted ~6 months. Returned 4 months later — have it now for going on 3 months.
* Still ongoing..
* Chronic with varying degrees of severity
* It never goes away
* Since Nov of 2013
* I had a knee replacement in April 2014. Pain started within weeks of my surgery. I am still in pain on my left leg. I have had nerve pain in my upper and now lower leg .


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