Pregnancy and Meralgia Paresthetica

Pregnancy and Meralgia Paresthetica

Pregnancy and meralgia paresthetica often go hand in hand. Pregnancy places several stresses on even the healthiest bodies. Organs are temporarily pushed out of place, cartilage softens so that bones can widen, and our nerve and blood vessels are often temporarily compressed.

It’s during those long 9 months, when your LFCN (lateral femoral cutaneous nerve) is being progressively squashed by your growing tummy that the damage is sometimes done that results in an episode of meralgia paresthetica. Since becoming un-pregnant (!) is not an option, pregnant women often simply grin and bear it as yet another discomfort.

But there’s plenty you can do to ease – and even eliminate – the symptoms. That’s what the book is about. The only difference between you and ‘normal’ meralgia sufferers is that you know when your nerve compression is going to end! After that, it’s just a matter of doing your exercises and dropping those extra pounds as quickly and gently as possible.

Here’s a pre-natal exercise that you’ll find especially helpful for meralgia symptoms:

Here’s some reading on pregnancy and meralgia paresthetica that might help you:

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