Relieve Meralgia Symptoms at Night

THIS evening regime will help you get 6-8 hours sleep and not wake up feeling “dopey”:20120112-160247.jpg

1. Take one Sandoz 300 mg. Gabapentin (or equivalent) 8 hours before bedtime

2. Take another 300 mg. Gabapentin 4 hours before bedtime

3. Take another 300 mg Gabapentin just before you lie down, along with 3 Neofenac (diclofenac sodium) 25 mg. (more, if your doctor recommends it).

4. Get down on the floor and do the Finger-Walking Child’s Pose exercise (see Exercises)

5. Just before you tuck yourself in, apply Capsaicin cream, as directed, to you inguinal region.

1. If the first night worked well, consider taking just two Gabapentin on the second night. One 4 hours before bedtime, and the other plus two Neofenac painkillers as you go to sleep.

2. Get down on the floor and do the Finger-Walking Child’s Pose exercise (see Exercises)

3. Just before you tuck yourself in, apply your Capsaicin cream, as directed, to you inguinal region.

4. This second-night drug regime can be safely maintained thereafter.

1. Do the Yoga “Bridge”, (see the Exercises page) while lying on your back in bed.

2. Do a 360-degree rotation of your tailbone while keeping your spine and buttocks still. Start out slowly tracing tiny circles with the tip of your tailbone–barely visible to an observer–and work your way up to larger circles. Always moving slowly and deliberately.

3. Sleep (on your side) with a pillow between your legs. This keeps your knees apart and reduces tension on your hip.

4. As soon as you wake up, sit up as directed above, get up, and apply your capsaicin cream, and do the Yoga Child’s Pose + Finger Walk (see the Exercises page). This helps dispel any residual night pain and allows you to start your day without more drugs. If you stay in bed, for some reason the pain seems to get worse. So swing your legs over the side of the bed and sit up.

1. If you wake up in pain during the night, don’t just lie there focusing on your pain

2. Sit upright on the edge of your bed (that really helps).

3. Take another painkiller if it’s 3-4 hours since the last one.

4. Wrap some ice in a washcloth or hand towel and apply it to your inguinal region, your T12/L1 region, and the region where you are currently feeling pain. That will do two things: diminish the pain and distract you from focusing on the pain, which is almost as good.

5. Do the the same with a hot cloth. Alternating between cold and hot compresses can be most effective.

6. Drink a soothing soporific like hot milk or Valerian tea with honey.

7. Use the Buddha Machine (Apple iTunes app) or any soothing noise generator.


20120114-113542.jpg1. When you wake up in the morning, move around slowly and carefully.

2. Make yourself a large cup of strong Irish Breakfast tea with milk and sugar (coffee’s fine, too, but harder on your tummy). You’ll find that it lifts your spirits and that, in itself, will diminish your perception of pain.

3. While your tea or coffee is brewing, get down on the floor and do the Get down on the floor and do the Finger-Walking Child’s Pose exercise SLOWLY, GENTLY, AND COMPLETELY.

Relieve Meralgia Symptoms at night by following the instructions above and you’ll soon be on the mend!

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