What helps Meralgia?

What Helps Meralgia

What Helps Your Meralgia?

Out of the 723 of you who responded to our annual meralgia survey, Natural Remedies were hands down the most successful..

Here are some comments that give you a feeling for the diversity of helpful things to try:

  • If I am standing and it occurs, it helps to sit.
  • Osteopath manipulated pelvis other bones position to give nerve less irritation.
  • Walking made it worse.
  • Now I’m off Lyrica due to sedation. It did work, but can’t tolerate the sedation.
  • Only lidocaine patches. Or not wearing clothes.
  • Alternative drugs or meds.
  • I had acupuncture but it made it worse. I had a steroid injection plus gabapentin which helped me cope but didn’t resale remove pain. Walking made it worse.
  • I had surgery on the other side that bothered me 20 years ago.
  • I didn’t experience any major pain, mostly numbness and tenderness around the outside of my right thigh; or rare occasions, I would feel some pain (like being stung by an insect or poke by a needle). The symptoms seemed to have subsided over time (after about 6 months), without any of the remedies above.
  • Also too vitamins…to repair nerves
  • I suffered from illiotibial band syndrome for several years before the first acute meralgia attack which followed surgery. Electro nerve stimulation and massage performed by a chiropractor finally resolved the illiotibial band issue, but did not relieve the meralgia. Accupuncture treatments eliminated the meralgia pain by 90% instantly. Ibuprofen provided relief for recurring pain between treatments. Stretches, suggested by a physical therapist, did not really help either the meralgia or the illiotibial band issue. Three years on from my first acute meralgia attack, I still experience some discomfort, but it does not restrict my activities.
  • Epidural injections were effective in dialing back the extreme pain and allowed more exercise
  • I’ve never tried any remedies except walking and sitting when it hurts very bad
  • Wish I could remember how I got rid of it the first time! I tried so many things…Physical therapy was one of them.
  • Don’t have a clue what helped my meralgia.
  • Haven’t tried any of the N/A ones but would love to hear about anything that works.
  • I had surgery to cut the nerve in my groin but it missed the correct nerve
  • I wish I could afford to put the lidocaine patches all over the outer part of my upper right leg where the meralgia symptoms need help and use them 24 hours a day. I HATE GABAPENTIN, but it helps and it has made me gain 35 lbs, cannot lose weight even hardly eating. Cannot walk too long or stand for too long. I am ale to cleanmy house, cook etc. But I cannot hold down a job. OH I will never take Lyrica, I know people who have gained over 50 lbs in less than 3 months . I have tried Topomax, could not tolerate. DR says because since I have had this for way over a year that I will have it the rest of my life. I have had 3 nerve blocks that were ultrasound guided and was a waste of money
  • I tried everything. I didn’t know what helps meralgia!
  • I found that a combination of swimming and stretching helps my meralgia.

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